Generators manuals

instructions, owner's and user's manuals for portable power generators

Briggs and Stratton Power generator manual

10kW/12kW rated Home Generator Owner’s Manual
Safety rules; Owner orientation; know your home standby; know your system control panel; Oil consideration; Battery Connection; Gaseous Fuel System; Automatic operation; Fault detect system; Generator Maintenance; Storage; Generator Troubleshooting.

Operator’s Manual for models:120000, 150000, 200000, 210000
General instruction; Operator safety; Operations, Details.

Briggs&Stratton Commercial power: model 540000, 610000

Features and control, generator operations; oil recommendations; generator maintenance; emission control; change the oil filter

Briggs&Stratton operator’s manual

for models: 50000, 80000, 110000, 130000, 180000, 230000, 240000.
Operator safety; Fuel recommendation; How to start/stop the engine; generator maintenance; carburetor adjustment; how to clean the fuel filter. Specifications-Service Parts.

Briggs&Stratton manuals for Elite series
Owner’s manuals for 3250W, 5000W, 5500W, 6000W.
Safety and Rules, Assembly, Generator Operation, Maintenance, Storage, Troubleshooting of generators, Warranty.

Briggs&Stratton 5600W Portable Generator manuals
The manual contained: equipment descriptions and safety rules; assembly; features and control; generator operation; maintenance and troubleshooting of generator.

Briggs&Stratton generator owner’s manual for 11894 (7000W) model
Precaution and safety rules for 7000W Briggs&Stratton generator. Assebly, Operation and maintenance. Cope with troubleshootings.

Operating and maintenance instructions for Max Model Series
The manual covers 90700, 91700, 110700, 111700, 112700, and 114700.
Instructions for engine selection, engine installation, engine operation.

Along with the benefits of the portable power generators one should be aware about the possible dangers of the equipment. Always read the Instruction Manual that you received when buying your generator.

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Brigg&Stratton portable generators are reliable, easy starting, efficient, quiet operation

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BLUE MAX generator owner’s manuals

safety rules for BlueMax generators, fitting the handle, mixing the fuel, grounding the generator, starting the engine, connecting apparatus to the generator AC and DC overload cut out.

4000 Watt Generator Instruction Manual
General safety; Installation procedures; Fire and explosion precautions; Chemical precaution; Grounding the generator; Generator operating instruction;

Using the generator for the first time; Maintenance/Care; Cleaning the Generator;
Checking the Oil; Fuel filter cup cleaning; Storage/Transportation

8000W Generator Instructions

Electrical safety; Personal safety; Generator installation; Operation instructions; Inspection, cleaning and maintenance of portable generators

Blue Max generators enclosed for quiet running

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