Generators manuals

instructions, owner's and user's manuals for portable power generators

Cummens Onan RV generator set manual

Safe operation and top performance can only be obtained when equipment is operated and maintained properly.
The exhaust system must be installed in accordance with the generator set Installation Manual.

The manual covers the operation and maintenance rules for generator set including models: HDKAH (Spec A−M); HDKAJ (Spec A−M); HDKAK (Spec A−M); HDKAT (Spec A−M); HDKAU (Spec A−M) HDKAV (Spec A−M).
This manual also includes generator set specifications, information on how to obtain service and information for California users.
The manuals contain Safety precautions, Operating advices, Periodic maintenance, and Troubleshooting section.
Operation, Periodic Maintenance and c provide the instructions necessary for operating the generator set and maintaining it at top performance.
Use caution when working on live electrical equipment. Remove jewelry, make sure clothing and shoes are dry, stand on a dry wooden platform or rubber insulating mat and use tools with insulated handles.

See full Cummens Onan RV generator set manual in pdf format.

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BLUE MAX generator owner’s manuals

safety rules for BlueMax generators, fitting the handle, mixing the fuel, grounding the generator, starting the engine, connecting apparatus to the generator AC and DC overload cut out.

4000 Watt Generator Instruction Manual
General safety; Installation procedures; Fire and explosion precautions; Chemical precaution; Grounding the generator; Generator operating instruction;

Using the generator for the first time; Maintenance/Care; Cleaning the Generator;
Checking the Oil; Fuel filter cup cleaning; Storage/Transportation

8000W Generator Instructions

Electrical safety; Personal safety; Generator installation; Operation instructions; Inspection, cleaning and maintenance of portable generators

Blue Max generators enclosed for quiet running

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